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Quantum-Touch® Healing Method

Quantum-Touch® is a method of hands on healing that actually must be seen to believe.  With only a light touch, you observe bones spontaneously adjusting into their proper alignment.  From DNA to the bones, all cells and systems effortlessly respond to the power of Quantum-Touch.

What does Quantum-Touch® have to offer?
Quantum-Touch® uses Universal Energy for healing.  A Quantum-Touch®  practitioner uses specific techniques to route universal energy through his/her body into the client.  The client's body then uses this energy to heal.

What does this energy do?
Well, it's like the energy that moves when an acupuncture needle is inserted into an acupoint; it causes energy and blood to move; it causes blockages to breakdown; it causes the body to find balance and harmony; it causes symptoms to mitigate or disappear; it begins the healing of the root cause; it builds the immune system; and, it allows the body to release emotions that cause illness and disease.  It may also cause the spontaneous realignment of bones in the body.

Intention is also a very key element of Quantum-Touch® .  The practitioner must focus his/her intention on the energy going to the highest good; that the body will use the energy in a positive manner, to heal.

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