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Quantum-Angel Healing®

Quantum-Angel-Healing® is a method of energy healing, which is different from all other healing modalities.  The essence is a hands-on energy treatment with Angels.

During a treatment, Angels and other messengers of God, help to find the cause and solution for a problem or disease. They communicate with the Quantum-Angel Practitioner and at the same time let their divine energy flow through the Q-Angel Practitioner's hands. During treatments, clients can feel warmth and tingling or see colors, angels and light.

With the help of the new “Angelic Healing Formula” old energies, patterns and belief systems are transformed in a magical way. Through Quantum-Angel-Healing, all possible sources for pain, illnesses, confusion, low energy, or just feeling stuck or blocked, are addressed. You will be able to create and manifest the life of your dreams.

Gisela channels clear, valuable information from higher realms of consciousness, working with the Angels & Ascended Masters.  She helps her clients transform their emotional blockages, the releasing of pain and restoring health.

Gisela has the gift of blending energy work, inner child work, and channeling with compassionate communication.   Healing the heart.

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Book & CD by Eva-Maria Mora are available in German, Quantum-Engel-Heilung®, Random House, English edition of book & CD coming soon) 

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