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Integrative Vibrational Healing®

Integrative Vibrational Healing® encompasses many forms of vibrational tools which assist in the healing process for oneself and others.

I am honored to be teaching and sharing this process with Victoria Barna our co-founder.

Our purpose is to create individual awareness and shift consciousness about vibrational healing and the role each one of us plays in the healing process. The more that you can recognize your own gifts, individual power, self-magnificence and your own Divinity, the more you embrace the healer within.

Our desire is to simplify the process and offer you tools to enhance your innate abilities for self healing and working with others if you choose. All is possible when we let go of what we think we know and believe about healing and let the magic of creation bring forth a new awareness of what it means for you.

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In sessions Gisela incorporates all the healing modalities geared for each individual.  You can schedule an In-Person or Long Distance session with Gisela by
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